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Seraphim International was established in response to a clear requirement to evolve what it really feels to be protected. Whether it is in the comfort of your home surrounded by your loved ones, your new start-up business or whilst walking your favourite mountain hiking route. Seraphim International has fine-tuned that feeling of being secure, wherever you go.

Significant effort and investment was made in order to bring together operators, trainers and executives with decades of experience in Africa and further afield. The result is that Seraphim International can provide first-class security solutions such as but not limited to, risk management, protection, tactical capabilities, medical solutions, training, logistics and aviation.



14/7 Armed Reaction

Our single purpose is to provide top-tier Armed Response services and solutions to our esteemed clientele and community in Southern Africa. Our Armed Response officers are provisioned with industry-leading equipment and safety gear to keep them shielded and ready to go whilst keeping you and your loved one's out of harm's way. 



Our guards showcase a professionally equipped, managed, and trained division which is supported by senior management making for a highly effective workforce. We ensure that our client's needs are met regardless of the outlay, industry or conditions.

24/7 Control Centre & CCTV/Alarm Installations

Seraphim utilises leading alarm systems and monitoring platforms to monitor your home or business wherever you are. We strive to ALWAYS be there every step of the way, to ensure YOUR safety together with your loved ones. 


K-9 Unit

Our K-9s are ideal for patrolling large areas and can be deployed at short-notice. Our K-9 protection unit is therefor a highly mobile deterrent for crime. 

Close Protection & Risk Mitigation

Seraphim assists client operations across a range of geographies, predominantly Africa and the Middel East. Through a dedicated partner network, established and tested over decades we are able to provide realistic and bespoke services to clients operating in more austere locations.

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