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We’ve made it simple, a speedy chronology of where we come from and what gave Seraphim reason to proceed in safeguarding the lives and assets, crucial to current and prospective clients, around the globe.

On duty and patrolling the local area
Seraphim Armed Response Officers

Seraphim Security was established 5 years ago in 2016 with a coherent image and distinct purpose to provide a superior service to what was available at the time through the traditional industry players in South Africa. Through vast experience in providing private security, aviation and logistical solutions and risk mitigation services to international clients holistically, Seraphim went in to provide internationally benchmarked security solutions to the local market as well. Amongst these clients count not only governments, media, humanitarian and commercial spheres, but also the private homeowners.

The Surging Global Pandemic

With the COVID 19 Pandemic, Seraphim’s international forefront has been severely impacted. All dignitary travel, events and cross border risk consulting was cancelled in one foul swoop. With the lockdown affecting all neighbourhood watches, and police stretched thin, Seraphim realigned and refocussed our efforts. Within the first week of lockdown in South Africa, Seraphim launched an armed response service in Hermanus and bolstered it with foot patrols. Immediate successes were achieved and with the overwhelming positive feedback received from the community, Seraphim changed tact and immediately adjusted the business to provide a fresh take on armed response and physical guarding, technical security solutions, residential and retail security in the area. In times of complete distraught, Seraphim persevered, to bring a secure feeling in very insecure times.

What We Live By

“ To recruit and employ the best possible people, to equip them with the best possible skill, tools of trade and equipment, and to provide them with the best possible management and support in order to serve our clients and the community.”



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