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Seraphim provides PAPA accredited K-9 protection units in line with the South African Qualifications Authority and the Performing Animals Protection Act no. 24 of 1935. Our K-9s are housed in SPCA approved kennel facilities and have undergone rigorous and specialised training. The Seraphim K-9 protection unit form an integral part of day-to-day operations which enables us to provide a security solution of a high quality to our clients. Our K-9s are ideal for patrolling large areas and can be deployed at short-notice. Our K-9 protection unit is therefor a highly mobile deterrent for crime. Our K-9s are well familiarised with their handlers. In many situations K-9s are the first ones to put their lives on the line and apprehend a suspect to protect their human colleagues.  Seraphim goes out of our way to provide our K-9s with the best possible care. Proper kennelling, feeding, play and exercise. Ongoing training is also performed to enhance their natural skill and ability as working dogs. Our K-9 capability is a major advance in our ability to prevent crime. 

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