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Seraphim assists client operations across a range of geographies, predominantly Africa and the Middel East. Through a dedicated partner network, established and tested over decades we are able to provide realistic and bespoke services to clients operating in more austere locations. Headquartered  on the African continent, we have the benefit of understanding the risk specifics associated with the region and how to effectively implement mitigation measures to ensure realistic, practical and cost effective solutions for client operations. 


Our single purpose is to provide top-tier Armed Response services and solutions to our esteemed clientele and community in Southern Africa. Our Armed Response officers are provisioned with industry-leading equipment and safety gear to keep them shielded and ready to go whilst keeping you and your loved one's out of harm's way. All of our Armed response officers have undergone extensive internationally-benchmarked training by our sister company Deployed Concepts®, including training on fundamental handgun marksmanship and the American College of Surgeons Stop the Bleed® medical course. All of our Armed Response vehicles have been equipped with fully functional GPS fleet tracking devices which assist our 24/7 control room to keep an eye on our officers in the field and makes sure they respond to you via the quickest route with the least traffic. This decreases our response time and gets us swiftly to you with no time to waste. 


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